notes from
the MUCK . . .

How does your garden grow? With muck, muck and more muck! I spent much of today finishing the final muck box and then shifting muck from one box to the next. The first box, which the Big Lad is enthusiastically pointing out, has been rotting down for two years now and once we’d removed the top quarter of unrotted material, we found we’d hit the pay dirt.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Friday Random Ten (Thursday Edition)

Ugh. That was an exhausting sixteen-hour day, about five of which were spent sitting on the fucking DC Beltway and then getting stood up by our last witness after fighting an hour’s worth of traffic to get to his house. Grrr.... However, it would appear that I have just enough time to keep the Thursday Night Friday Random 10 for another (second) week. Hopefully the blog won’t eat this one.

Tom Waits, Time (live) - This is just the song I needed to hear. A beautiful quiet and gentle performance from a Toronto bootleg I picked up. Very nice.
Bruce Springsteen, Johnny 99 - We’re off to a great start. I could live without most of Bruce’s stuff, but his two acoustic albums are favorites.
Jay-Z, Ain’t No (live) - Whoa. That was a change of pace. This comes from the MTV Unplugged album. Thanks to Ben for burning this one for me. I don’t listen to Jay-Z very much, but this is really good.
AC/DC, Problem Child - This is a band I keep thinking I should outgrow, but I never have and I’m starting to think I never will. Their early albums just fucking rock, with just enough of a bluesy flavor to keep it interesting. Great song.
Bob Dylan, All Along the Watchtower - The original John Wesley Harding version. When Dylan performs this song live now, he rocks the Hendrix version. I’ve read that he calls this Jimi’s song and plays it as an homage to him. That’s really cool.
Nick Drake, Know - I hardly ever listen to this. I copied it from my uncle, who’s really into it. This is another mellow song that is suiting my mood right now, though.
Johnny Cash, That Old Wheel - With Hank Williams, Jr., who I normally can’t stand. But I love this song. I wanna see the Johnny Cash movie.
The Ramones, What’s Your Name - Skip. I’m so bored with the fucking Ramones. That would make a good title to a Ramones song, wouldn’t it?
Primus, Pork Chop’s Little Ditty - A one-minute-and-four-second long track. Mercifully.
David Byrne, Good and Evil - From Rei Momo, which is a little too Latin-flavored for me to listen to as an album, but I like when the individual tracks come up.

A good week. We lost a little momentum after Watchtower, but the first half was great and the first two especially hit the spot.