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the MUCK . . .

How does your garden grow? With muck, muck and more muck! I spent much of today finishing the final muck box and then shifting muck from one box to the next. The first box, which the Big Lad is enthusiastically pointing out, has been rotting down for two years now and once we’d removed the top quarter of unrotted material, we found we’d hit the pay dirt.

Monday, December 26, 2005

How was it for you??

So, it's the day after Christmas day (for those who celebrate it), and many of us will have got new presents. It's going to be nigh on impossible to beat Matt's new arrival, but still, someone may have gotten close.

Me, I think I got a pretty bumper crop this year, especially considering I didn't really request that much. New CDs, a DVD (Richard Prior, thanks mum), lovely new jeans, and a new phone that plays ipod tunes. Sweet. I also got King Kong on the PS2 which I am anxious to check out. My brother and cousin both have PSPs now (portable consoles) so I got to play on those too.

The phone is a very cool addition to my mp3 player and I can randomise it even more by taking advantage of the feature that just takes 100 songs from my library randomly...As this is what I am listening to, I thought I would initiate a one off xmas random 10 (not to be confused with Friday random 10 (Thursday edition).

10. Richard Cheese; Hot for Teacher. Richard Cheese does all kinds of popular acts in a cabaret lounge stylee; it's as good as it sounds.

9. Nina Simone; Just Like a Woman. Ahhh Nina. I found out she had died when I was walking down some street in Australia and saw a sign outside mourning the sad passing. They did not give away free stuff which would have been nice, but I did sink very low when i saw it. Many heroes have been lost in recent years, hopefully Owen will help to address the balance. This is a lovely song, by the way.

8. The Libertines; What a Waster. Pete Doherty is the new darling of indie rock in the UK. His on off relationship with Kate Moss and their use of various drugs takes up a predictably yet still disapointingly large proportion of the national discourse. I think his bands, The Libertines and now Babyshambles are pretty good, but not worthy of the hype/derision/plaudits that they have garnered here.

7. The Cure; Why I Can't I be you? (accoustic). We've all been there, is there a peer who seems to have shitloads of the attributes you can't even spell correctly? Don't bother trying to better yourself, try and become them instead. Start with the easy things like wearing their clothes, be frustrated when you realise you can't even do that. Cry. Listen to the Cure. Find solace. Wear black. Drink. Laugh. Ridicule your prior object of perfection. Repeat till dead.

6. Elvis Presly; A big Hunk o'love (live). Elvis lives, elvis shakes, elvis rattles, elvis rolls, and he rocks. Yeah.

5. Bobby Womack; It's all over now. This song has been done by various artists, including the Rolling Stones. I'm not sure who did it originally, though I'm sure I was told once and forget; bear that in mind before you try and enlighten me in comments.

4. Johnny Cash; Drive On (accoustic, live). Thanks to Mathew for this VH1 live performance from Willie Nelson and Cash. Great cd, and I think this is a strong track from Johnny, who didn't die by the way, he just had a train to catch. Damn I want to watch Walk the Line.

3. James; Seven. James' big hit was Sit Down, which was released in the nineties; I don't know how much they're know stateside but their pretty established here. Although they haven't made anything new of any note this decade. Which, by the way, is half way thru.

2. (2 Many DJ's); Michael Jackson Dirty Diana. This is from a remix CD that I downloaded and haven't listened to all the way through; this is pretty good, although as i listen it's kind of degenerating...When Michael Jackson toured in the late 8o's in the UK he apparently did not sing this song for fear of offending Princess Diana. Nice.

1. The Postal Service; Recycled Air. Thanks to Mel, who lent me this CD when we were having fun travelling around in my mobile sweat tank in Northern VA. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going (and I'm pretty sure the same is true for Mel) is the promise of the swimming pool in the motel we were staying at. Storms meant we could not go for a swim. Damn. This is a nice album, and i really should listen to it more often.

Bonus Boxing Day Song.

Richard Cheese; Baby Got Back. Wow. I just talked of how much randomness went in to this process, and yet we have some kind of symetry and closure here. Maybe Sam Mendes would like to make a movie about it. I love this song, it's very funny. When I went to the zoo in DC i saw the panda bears. One was sitting in a tree with its backside facing us. It truly was humungous and I marked the moment by providing an impromptu acapella version of this little ditty.

So, let me know. How was it for you?