notes from
the MUCK . . .

How does your garden grow? With muck, muck and more muck! I spent much of today finishing the final muck box and then shifting muck from one box to the next. The first box, which the Big Lad is enthusiastically pointing out, has been rotting down for two years now and once we’d removed the top quarter of unrotted material, we found we’d hit the pay dirt.

Friday, April 21, 2006

My Friday

Today was really like any other day, but for some reason, I feel the need to share a couple things with you all.

1) When I go to work, I have to take the bus. One of my measuring sticks for whether or not the day is going to go well, is whether or not I get to ride at the front, on top, to the right, just above the driver on the bus. If I get up the stairs and find the seat empty, I feel the journey passes by smoothly, I have a much better view, I'm ahead of everyone else (head of the pack) and I can pretend I'm driving the bus. I arrive at work in a much better frame of mind, and perform better. This means kids stay of the street, crime in London goes down, and politicians have one less thing to try and woo us with.

Yesterday, I got to the top of the bus, and saw the seat was empty. I enjoyed the journey, surveying the people below me as they went about their days, and wondering whether I should bring a hat next time for the occasion. Then some little kid sat down next to me. He really wanted the seat too because there were plenty of other free spaces that he could've sat down with his mother.

"I see" I thought. Emotional blackmail. A lot of people may have moved, but a lot of people are weak. I held my ground and the kid had to get off before me; score one, however petty.

Today, as I was climbing the stairs, I saw the seat was empty. Just as I was getting to the top of the stairs and preparing to take the one step I needed to make to get the seat, I was cut off by some guy already upstairs, who wanted the seat himself. I could not do anything about it and had to take the seat behind. Next time, next time.

2) While watching wrestling I saw Rey Mysterio. He always wears that mask. Whilst watching him I thought it would be cool to have one, maybe to wear at the front of the bus, definitely to play poker in, and I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide on what colour I would go for. Gold and silver where to showy I thought, while a black one would look far too much like a gimp mask. I decided on a red one with blue trim, or a blue one with orange trim. Hey, if anyone has one, get in contact through comments, we need to talk.

That's all.

"Right Reeves, I aint falling for the ol' "bomb on the bus routine" again. I got here first and I'm stayin; and best BELIEVE I'm staying above fiddy".