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How does your garden grow? With muck, muck and more muck! I spent much of today finishing the final muck box and then shifting muck from one box to the next. The first box, which the Big Lad is enthusiastically pointing out, has been rotting down for two years now and once we’d removed the top quarter of unrotted material, we found we’d hit the pay dirt.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Setlist

Atlanta (GA) Tabernacle, Tuesday, August 1

Make It Rain
Hoist that Rag
Shore Leave
God's Away on Business
'Til the Money Runs Out
Blue Valentine
Lucky Day
Tango til they're Sore
House Where Nobody Lives
Don't Go into that Barn
(Lie to Me, Baby)
Whislin' Past the Graveyard
9th & Hennepin
Trampled Rose
Get Behind the Mule
Murder in the Red Barn
Shake It

Goin' Out West

Day After Tomorrow
Heartattack & Vine

The show was a blast. The line to get in literally wrapped around the block and there was some anxiety about getting in before the show started, but they moved people along pretty quickly. The venue was really cool, but we had probably the worst "seats" in the house - standing room General Admission, and we were stuck WAY at the back of the floor. The sound was really quiet, but that could have been because we were stuck under the balcony for the whole show. Those were the negatives, but on the plus side the setlist was great. Six songs from Real Gone, which I was thrilled about, including opening with my two favorite songs from the album. Goin' Out West rocked and that Lie to Me, Baby song was great (I have no idea what it was). Lucky Day and Day After Tomorrow were both beautifully done. Discussing the matter afterwards, Jeff and I concluded that Tom Waits is simply the coolest motherfucker ever, and that we both wish we could look as good in a hat as he does. Noting that he hadn't been to Atlanta in some 30 years, Waits lamented that when he went back to all the rough neighborhoods, they were all selling yogurt and sandals there now. When he spoke, his voice sounded frighteningly weak and raspy, but his singing was wonderful. All in all, it was everything I could have hoped for.

SUPPOSEDLY we're in the third row dead center tonight, but I'll believe it when I see it. Jeff is hoping for some early stuff and I want to hear 16 Shells From a Thirty-Ought Six or (much less likely) I Know I've Been Changed. Will try to get a few pictures posted, too...

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