notes from
the MUCK . . .

How does your garden grow? With muck, muck and more muck! I spent much of today finishing the final muck box and then shifting muck from one box to the next. The first box, which the Big Lad is enthusiastically pointing out, has been rotting down for two years now and once we’d removed the top quarter of unrotted material, we found we’d hit the pay dirt.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Soupy Poopy

14 minutes ago my dad told me about one of his favorite dishes as a child. He and my Uncle Roy would put a couple of biscuits in a bowl, pour coffee over them, and eat the resulting mixture with a fork. This is called "soupy poopy."

Among his other childhood muckamuck treats:

-macaroni and bread
-macaroni and potatoes
-mustard sandwiches (apply mustard to single slice of bread, fold in half, enjoy)
-mayonnaise sandwiches (same as above, but with mayonnaise)
-bananas and mayonnaise, mashed

As for that last one, you haven't lived until you've watched a grown man spoon this sloppy concoction into his smiling, eager mouth.

If anyone would like to try one of these, my dad would be more than happy to send you a recipe.